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Neck Pain Faq

Neck Pain Relief with our Chiropractor in St. Joseph, MO

The pain and limited mobility of neck problems can affect your daily life, but our chiropractor in St. Joseph, MO, provides natural and gentle treatments to ease your discomfort and eliminate the source of your pain.  At St. Joseph Chiropractic, we want to empower you with information about neck pain, so you are able to recover quickly.

woman suffering from neck pain

1. What are some common causes of neck pain?

Neck pain can be the result of an injury such as whiplash following a car accident or sports injury.  You may also have neck pain due to improper posture, poor sleeping habits, or from a condition affecting the discs between the vertebrae in your neck.

2. What causes whiplash?

In a rear-end collision car accident, your head snaps quickly backward and forward.  This motion stresses the muscles, vertebrae, and connective tissues in your neck which can irritate the nerves and lead to neck pain and immobility.

3. Does reading or texting really affect my neck?

These activities can cause neck pain if you are constantly looking down.  Our chiropractic care also includes education on healthier ways to position your tablets, books, and monitors to decrease neck strain. 

4. What are different types of neck pain?

You may feel a constant pain in your neck that feels like pressure or a stabbing pain.  You may also feel neck fatigue and a difficulty holding up your head.  Neck pain may also be present when turning your head to look behind you.  Pain in your neck can also come and go depending on your activity and stress level.

5. What other symptoms might I feel?

In addition to neck pain, you may also experience headaches or possibly even radiate pain or numbness/tingling in the shoulder or arms.  Nerves that leave the lower neck travel all the way down to the hands.  Symptoms can be experienced at any location from the neck to the hands when a nerve from the neck is pinched or irritated.

6. How can I prevent neck pain?

Our chiropractor teaches patients ways to improve posture, which also reduces neck pain.  We also show you exercises to strengthen neck muscles that are weakened due to overuse and injury.  These exercises help to stabilize your head and reduce pain.  In other situations, we show you stretching exercises to help relax overly tight muscles that may be contributing to neck pain.  We recommend consistent chiropractic adjustments to keep neck pain at bay and help you maintain proper spinal alignment.

7. When should I seek neck pain treatment?

If you have been involved in an auto accident, we recommend scheduling an appointment with our chiropractor as soon as possible.  This will help eliminate lasting neck pain and reduce your recovery time.  If your neck pain has lasted more than a few days even without an injury, we also recommend visiting us as soon as possible.

8. How does a chiropractor ease neck pain?

Through gentle adjustments to the vertebrae in your neck, our chiropractor places your spine in a pain-free alignment.  This helps ease muscle strain, ligament sprain, and eventually neck pain.  We also use a variety of therapies to help the reduction of inflammation and speed healing time.  These include electrical stimulation, laser, qigong, and Kinesio taping.

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