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At St. Joseph Chiropractic, our intention is to optimize each patient's quality of life by utilizing the most advanced technology found in the Chiropractic profession.

Welcome to St. Joseph Chiropractic, where our chiropractor serves the communities of St. Joseph, Savannah, Missouri and Elwood, Kansas. If you are new to our clinic, you may be wondering what services we treat and why you should see our chiropractor. Please learn more about who we are and the services we provide. 

Conditions We Treat at St. Joseph Chiropractic

We offer NON-SURGICAL, NON-DRUG based programs for the relief and treatment of:

If you do not see your health condition here, St. Joseph Chiropractic may still be able to help you.  We offer a FREE chiropractic exam so you can learn if and how we can help. 

Why see us for Pain Management and Weight Loss?

With more than 15 years of experience providing wellness care, St. Joseph Chiropractic has demonstrated consistent ability to help those in need.  While our treatment is holistic, we work closely with primary care physicians to provide effective care.  We can adjust babies, children, teens, adults and seniors – always using the appropriate level of care for each patient.  St. Joseph Chiropractic also accepts many different types of health insurance.  If you would like us to check whether we accept your insurance, or whether your insurance plan covers chiropractic, we would be glad to do so for you. 

At St. Joseph Chiropractic, we use both instrument adjusting and manual adjusting techniques, choosing the method that best suits your needs.  We also incorporate therapies and rehabilitation exercises to restore your strength, mobility, and range of motion.  This helps you recover fully from your condition and return to an active life.

We are also St. Joseph’s preferred choice for the Slimdome weight loss and detoxification program.  If you are interested in this unique approach to weight loss, and in reaching your fitness goals, we are here for you.  We strive to help everyone achieve wellness, and stay healthy.  Towards this goal, our chiropractor can offer our patients lifestyle advice, healthy life tips, and nutrition advice designed to speed healing and foster wellness.

Make an Appointment with St. Joseph Chiropractic

Would you like to schedule an appointment or can we answer any questions you have?  We offer every new patient a FREE, no obligations spinal exam, to make sure chiropractic is the right choice for them.  Please call our office at 816-279-0700 today or use our online appointment request form to see our chiropractor for your FREE spinal exam.


Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

    I can honestly say that my body has felt so much better since receiving chiropractic treatments from Dr. Mattox and his staff. They truly care about their patients and provide outstanding care and support. I would truly recommend St. Joseph Chiropractic to anyone. I will definitely continue to use them as part of my overall wellness for prevention and any new concerns that may come up. 

    Terri G. Part 2

    I contacted their office for an initial consultation and was able to get in at a time and day that worked with my schedule. I was amazed with the concerns they discovered. My body had been adapted to being out of alignment.  I also had been suffering from Restless Leg Syndrome and had been treating it with prescribed medication for a couple of years. After a few treatments, I noticed how much better my body was feeling and my Restless Leg Syndrome disappeared! I was able to stop my prescription medication. 

    Terri G. Part 1

    From out of nowhere I had excruciating right shoulder blade pain.  I wasn't sure what to do so I called St. Joseph Chiropractic and was told to come on in now. The staff were very welcoming and helpful, as this was my first visit. A complete diagnostic work up was done. Dr. Mattox did manipulation and staff, Chelsea put electrodes on my shoulder. It really made me feel better!

    Debbie B.

    Great place to get your back and joint issues addressed. Friendly staff and easy to get in and out. They also give tips on exercise PT on your own time to perform at home.

    Brent S

    Very easy to work with, friendly and highly recommended.

    Dean R

    Before I came here I had pain and discomfort from my neck to my hip. After a couple of weeks I am feeling a whole lot better. My neck feels great and the pain in my hip is getting better everyday!

    Debbie J

    I was in constant pain in my middle back causing numbness in both hands. After two treatments the pain let up and the numbness went away. I've also gotten great pain relief from my lower back which caused pain to run down my legs and knees. The doctor and staff work within my schedule and budget. I highly recommend St Joseph Chiropractic to anyone in pain.

    Twyla C

    After a fall that jammed my neck and shoulder, I came to SJC. The people there were friendly and very concerned with my well-being. The treatment was wonderful. After a few short weeks my condition had improved so much it was as if I had never fell. Dr. Mattox put together a treatment program that was very effective and convenient. I recommend SJC to everyone.

    James E

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